Sebring Gallery

Just to let you know that I have added a gallery page for my Sebring 2012 images.   It includes the three images originally presented on March 19th, (the date of the first posting to this website), as well as eight additional images.  To see the images, either go to the drop down list below the Galleries tab in the menu bar, above, or just click here.  I hope you enjoy them!

A Morning Walk …

A couple of days ago I went for a bike ride on the Border Road east of Venice, and on the way back I spotted out the corner of my eye what I thought were a couple of likely photo opportunities.  The next morning Fred and I took a drive out to the locations, but they turned out to be pretty mediocre … but, right across the road was Sleeping Turtles Preserve, which we decided to explore.  It was rather late in the day (relatively speaking), but we were in time for the few remaining beams of light burning off the mist.

After the last of the mist was burned off, the sun light became more direct and harsh, but it was still low enough to photograph backlit palmettos.

Fred found this great old tree off the main loop trail.

For those who are interested, these photos were all five-shot HDRs, with -0.3 EV in-camera exposure adjustment, and then initially processed in Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 1.2.


Birds …

Unlike other members of my family, I am not a birder.  I don’t keep lists of birds I have seen and I am woefully ignorant of most species … but I love egrets and herons.  Fred and I took an early morning drive to the Venice Audubon Center to look at and photograph some of the birds of this region.  The rookery consists primarily of a mud island with some scrub trees in the middle of a medium sized pond.  At first glance, not much to look at, but I was amazed at the abundance and variety of birds nesting there.  These two caught my eye.