Venice Pier Redux

Last year when we visited our friends Fred and Grace in Venice, FL, after the Sebring race, Fred took me on a morning photography expedition to the Venice fishing pier.  Although he is not a photographer, he has a photographer’s eye, and he thought I would be interested in the site. I came away from that shoot with several pictures that I was pleased with, but not satisfied with, if you know what I mean.

This year we are in Venice again, and I made a trip back to the pier to see if I could get rid of the nagging dissatisfaction left over from last year’s shoot.  As before, I got there well before dawn, waiting for those magic moments on the Gulf when the sky is only subtley different in color from the sea.  My first shot replicates the scene I captured last year, but I am much more satisfied with this year’s result.

After the “blue hour” (a few minutes, really) was past, I spent some time at the water’s edge photographing at the tide line.  Just as I was packing up to leave, I noticed the sun had begun to illuminate the underside of the pier with a golden glow.  I quickly set the camera back on the tripod and shot several 3-shot HDR sequences, the results of which I submit for your approval, below.