Smokies – Day 3 (Part 2)

There are strange lights in the “hollar”!

I mentioned in my last post that Tony and few of us spent some time Wednesday morning making light orbs in one of the old cabins we visited.  Not a conventional approach to the spirit of the Smokies, but a lot of fun.  Our tripod-mounted cameras were set to 30 seconds at f/22, and ISO 800.  Tony made the light orbs by twirling a short strand of Christmas tree lights while stepping in a small sircle in the middle of the room.  It is pretty much a hit-or-miss operation as the goal is to make as tight an orb as you can.  We shot a total of 12 orbs, but most showed breaks or were loose.  This is the best I got from my camera position.  I used my 10-24mm wide angle zoom at 15mm to capture as much of the room as possible.

I am back at home now, and will be posting my final shots, updates, and few thoughts over the next week or so.

Smokies – Day 3

This morning we went back to the Roaring Forks area, which is where I took the picture shown in my Day “0” post.  This time we stopped at a couple of settlement areas with old cabins and barns.  Tony introduced a couple of us into the secret art of making light orbs, which is totally out of keeping to the area, but was totally cool.  I will process one of those images and post it to the site soon.

Today’s image was made at a small mill along a stream, with a long sluice.  This image is a panorama made from five separate shots, and then “stitched” together in software into a single image.  The process is really quite simple, although it took me about an hour to go from five separate images to the finished panorama.  I hope you enjoy it.

We will be shooting again this evening at Greenbrier to look for water reflections, and then we will be up again bright and early in the morning (our last morning) in hopes of capturing a sunrise.  We will have a final critique where I will show my panorama and then my trip to the Smokies will be at an end.


Smokies – Day 2

It was a very long day.  We left the Inn at 5am and made it to the top of Clingman’s Dome about an hour and twenty minutes later.  Yesterday, the road up was closed due to snow.  This morning, we were greeted with rime ice that had accumulated overnight. We spent about two hours shooting, until the sun rose above the Dome and the light became too “hot”.  We then went down the mountain, through Gatlinburg, to Roaring Forks where we photographed moving water and small cascades.  Those photos will have to be processed on another day, though.  Too much to shoot, not enough time to process everything.