Photographers on TV

Are you aware there are at least two photography programs on TV right now?  I found these two by accident and have enjoyed viewing both.  The first is From the Edge with Peter Lik on the Weather Channel.  Peter is a photographer from Australia, known for his really stunning landscape photographs and a number of coffee table books.  He now lives in the US and operates several up-scale galleries in the American west and southwest.  His show is very high energy, and this past season was all about going to exotic locations in the US like the slot canyons in Navajoland, northern Alaska for the northern lights, etc.  The shows are only 30 minutes long and seem to be in almost constant rotation on the Weather Channel.

The other show is Wild Photo Adventures, with Doug Gardner.  Doug is a wildlife and nature photographer, and the show is built around various expeditions he feels are within the grasp (and pocketbook) of the amateur photographer (like me!).  This past season was Season 3 of his series and his locations/topics included photographing migrating ducks and geese in North Carolina and Cambridge, MD; storm chasing in Kansas; two shows from Maine (one locating moose, and the other photographing puffins on the coast); photographing deer during the annual rut in Shenandoah National Park; and two shows on photographing spring and summer wild flowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Great Smokey Mountains.  One aspect of Doug’s show that I like is that he always makes it instructional.  He will break down a shooting challenge and guide you through his logic.  I found this show on my local PBS station (WETA in the Washington Metro area), so I cannot be sure whether all of you will be able to find it in your localities.  But, if you check out Doug’s site, you can view most of the episodes online.