Morning Expedition – (Part 1)

This morning we woke up in Orlando at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, and I decided to head out just after dawn for an exploration of the nature trail on the property to try to photograph some wading birds.  It turns out that the trail was closed – they had much of the main path torn up because of some environmental restoration work – but since it was dawn on a Saturday, and I didn’t think there would be too much construction work going on, so I headed  off into the nature area anyway. I only had about 45 minutes to shoot before I needed to head back to the hotel, get a quick breakfast, and then get ready for the wedding (which was the real reason we were there to begin with), but as luck would have it, I spotted this Little Blue Heron about 30 yards from me, and he (she?) spent about 10 minutes grooming and looking for food before flying away.

My sister’s neice Elsa went out about an hour after I did, when the light was much better, and she got some awesome shots of an Ibis and some Sand Hill Cranes,  I am sorry I cannot share any of her shots with you.


Savannah – (Not Your Standard Pano…)

Barb and I decided to breakup the road trip to Orlando for our nephew’s wedding with a stop in Savannah, GA.  We got in about 2pm on Wednesday and were on the road by 8:30 the next morning, but we got to do a little touring – kind of scoping out the town.  We were just getting familiar with the geography when we had to leave, but we are planning on heading back next spring to spend several days.  There is plenty of old architecture that caught my eye, but that is for the next trip.  This trip, however, I wanted to see and photograph the Streamliner Diner.

The Streamliner started life in New England, but was brought to Savannah and restored by students of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  The diner is still operational, and is open during the regular school year.  Being summer school, it was not open and I could not get inside to photograph the classic Wurlitzer juker box.  My pano head was packed away in the bottom of the trunk area of the car, so I decided to take a series of photographs along the entire length of the diner by moving my tripod a few steps to the right after each exposure.  My experiment didn’t work very well because Photoshop was not able to stitch the images together.  My solution was to go artsy-fartsy and process each frame separately, and then pull them one-at-a-time on to an expanded image canvas from the left hand photo – kind of like laying out a bunch of photos on your kitchen table.  The following are two more “normal” images.

We are now in Orlando, and tomorrow morning my bro-in-law, Bob, and I are heading to the local nature reserve to look at some large birds.  Hopefully, I will have some photos to share from that expedition.

Some Things Just Need a Little Time …

I like to have something new posted on the site every week to ten days, but it has really been too hot to get out and shoot for the last couple of weeks, and now I am bumping up on a deadline to hit the road to our nephew’s wedding in Florida this week.  So, I decided to look at some of the work I have shot recently, but have not shown on the site.

This shot represents a couple of firsts for me.  It was my first photographic visit to Ft. Hunt, and it was the first dedicated shoot  using my new D700 camera and my new16-35mm lens.  I originally processed this shot taken on a lower level of the main gun mount structure the day I took it, but saved it off to go have supper and did not look at it again for six weeks.  Initially, I was not particularly enthused by this shot, but after viewing again, I decided I really like it – the light and shapes that first attracted me still worked, and on the second, much later viewing I feel fairly satisfied with the image (it is all very personal). It is a five shot HDR, as the foreground and the door to the left were in relatively deep shadow and there was very bright light coming in from the top right.  I have another shot taken only a few feet away from this location that I really like, but … there is some editorial grafitti I have to remove from one of the metal door grates before I can share it with you.

I hope you enjoy this photo!  I hope to have some shots to share from our road trip late next week.