Handheld HDR – the Cutty Sark

Although I took my tripod with me on the trip, I only got to use it at a couple of places; Abingdon, and Bibury.  Every place else, we were pretty much in tourist mode and on the run, so all my shots had to be handheld, including multi-exposure HDRs and panoramas. The shot in this post is a hand held 5-shot HDR of the Cutty Sark clipper ship in its newly renovated dry dock/display.

The new Cutty Sark display is unique because the bottom of the dry dock has been opened up with displays and a tea shop.  This is possible because the supports that would normally be under the ship’s keel and pressed against the hull’s exterior have been attached to the ship’s wrought iron frame at the waterline, thereby suspending the ship opening up there area below the hull to visitors. It provides an awesome view.

This shot consists of five images, and it is the first of many handheld HDRs I took on the trip.  I sat myself down in front of the hull, looking up, with my back against the base of a display of figureheads, and my arms resting on my knees.  I used my 16-35mm wide angle zoom, and set the vibration redution feature to ON. As the inidividual images were written to the flash card, I was able to watch the camera’s LCD and was assured that I would have pretty good registration across the images in the HDR software. After that, all I did in post-processing was to add a little contrast overall, and some brightness to the upper keel to pull the eye in from the brighter edges.

I hope you enjoy this photo.

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