A Greenwich Single Click

We visited the Cutty Sark in the morning and then huffed and puffed up the hill to the Royal Observatory in the afternoon. The Royal Observatory is a cool place, but visually the thing that attracted my on this historical site was the protrusion of the 45-ton bronze-clad truncated cone of the Peter Harrison Planetarium through the court yard between the Astronomy Centre and the Altazimuth Pavilion (shown in the following photo).

I took several shots of this feature from several angles, but the one I liked the best was taken from the opposite side shown in the photo above.  Standing close up, the effect was very reminiscent of  2001: A Space Odessy.  I liked the tactile roughness of the bronze exterior, along with the vertical seam, against the brilliant blue and white of the sky.  I later learned the planetarium is oriented toward Polaris.

This photo is a straight forward single click. The only thing I did in-camera was to set my EV to -1 to help capture some of the richness of color in the sky.  In post-processing I added a little contrast and some structure to emphasize the texture and feel of the bronze surface. I considered cropping the image to a more square format, but it lost much of its drama when the darker foreground was removed.

I hope you enjoy it.