Which One Do You Like?

I was going through my shots from England a short while ago to see if I could cull a few more decent images from the trip.  I came across these two images.  They wer taken one right after the other while we were transiting by foot from the London Underground to the Docklands Light Rail System on our way to Greenwich.  This part of London used to be the working dock area, but has been redeveloped over the last few decades to look like almost any yuppie landscape of glass and steel.  But because the old docking slips still exist, it means there is space between many of the clusters of buildings that you don’t normally get in an urban area.  I spotted this reflection across from our route to the DLRS station and spent a couple of minutes making these two images.

This was the first shot I took. I really like the layers that come with this scene:  there is the layer created by the glass skin of the building, itself; then there is another barely visible layer where you can just see through the glass skin and get some hint of the interior of the building; and then there is the “layer” consisting of the reflection of the other building off the glass.

The second shot was taken at the same location – all I did was to zoom back slightly to a shorter focal length, and by doing so I added a couple of new elements to the scene; the poured concrete of the lower facade, which breaks the wavy patterns in the upper stories and provides both visual and actual support to the upper part of the building, and a couple of flesh and blood, non-linear people, who provide a sense of scale.

Which one do I prefer?  Honestly, I am torn.  I can’t decide.