SNP Foggy Views …

As I look out my window today, it seems to be raining dead, brown leaves.  The colors of early autumn are gone and winter is just a month away.  I have included two shots from the day trip I made to Dark Hollow Falls last month. My drive down Skyline Drive in the morning was dark (before dawn) and very foggy, with very limited visibility.  On my way back, although the sun was high in the sky, much of the drive was done in very dense fog, with only intermittant breaks. Once such break occurred as I was passing the Crescent Rock Overlook.  The sight of the low clouds pouring over the crest of the Shenandoahs caught my eye and I made a last second decision to turn into the parking area. I positioned myself at the edge of the overlook and spent several minutes watching the clouds move through Hawksbill Gap, waiting for an interesting scene to appear.

This first shot was made looking almost due south from the overlook.  What caught my eye was the hole in the cloud, through which I could discern the colored foliage on the northwest flank of the Hawksbill.

This second shot, taken from the same location, shows the profile of the Hawksbill through a break in the clouds. Both shots were handheld, using the D700 with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens.  Post processing consisted of increasing saturation to bring out the color of the trees, and boosting the contrast and structure of the clouds to draw out their shapes.

I hope you enjoy these images.