… and Other Techniques

Continuing on from last time with my exploration of Andre Gallant’s Book Digital Dreamscapes and Other Techniques, this post looks at what Andre calls a Mirror Montage.

This Mirror Montage is built from a single source image, a very bland photo of an iron stair rail at a building across the street from the old Customs House in downtown Charleston, SC.  I duplicated the original image in Photoshop, and then flipped the duplicate image on its vertical axis, so that the stair rail in the duplicate curved in from the left instead of the right.  I then combined the two images by layering one above the other and then used the Multiply blend mode so I could see both stacked images at the same time.  I moved the top image layer around until the ball at the bottom of the rail in both images overlayed itself, creating this interesting other worldly, mirrored scene.  I then cropped the intermediate image, retaining the middle one-third, to make the final composition you see above. To finish up, I adjusted the color saturation and contrast to wind up with a pure Photoshop fantasy.