Some More Experimentation …

It has been a while since my last entry; lots of stuff going on surrounding photography, but no actual photography until yesterday morning.  Barb and I are on a road trip to Florida and stopped off the other day in Savannah to break up the trip and do a little touring.  Yesterday morning, I got a chance to spend about half an hour on Gordon Street near Chatham Park, where there are a number of old townhouses with ornate iron work railings.  I jumped at the chance to spend a few minutes there photographing the railings specifically with the intention shooting for mirror montages, like I described in my last post.  The first of these experiments is posted below.

The approach was fairly simple; duplicate the original image and then flip the duplicate horizontally, and then overlaywith the original, and adjust the images until you get the desired amount of overlap, then adjust the color balance and contrast to taste.  In this instance, I took the completed montage image and then duplicated it, after which I brightened up the original montage image and overlayed it with the duplicate image which had been blurred using the Photoshop Gaussian blur set to 20 pixels. I used the Multiply method to blend the layers.

Having had a chance to shoot specifically for these techniques, I am looking forward to getting to Venice, Florida in about ten days so that I can spend some time shooting some of the architecture there with montages in mind.