Jacksonville …

The timing of this year’s earlier than usual spring trip to Florida was driven by the 2013 NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) Summit  being held in Jacksonville.  Coincident to this is that our close friends Sinc and Cora currently reside at the nearby Mayport Naval Station (where Sinc is assigned) and we have had an open invitation to visit them in their ocean-front quarters for over a year. We arrived at their house along with the leading edge of a strong rain storm that had followed us up from our nephew’s house in Apopka.  The storm lasted until late morning the next day, and as the tail end of the storm headed out to sea, I headed out on the beach for some shooting.

This shot was taken just outside the set of pilings that mark the boundary of the Navy owned beach and the public Atlantic beach.  As usual, I was experimenting with longish  exposures (1/15th – 1/4th sec.) when one of the legs of my tripod began sinking into the sand, starting a whole series of “panned” pictures at the edge of the incoming tide.

The next morning I went back to pilings to capture the sunrise before heading into Jacksonville for the NANPA Summit. 

I hope you enjoy these images.