Caspersen Beach

This post presents a series of black & white images I made at Caspersen Beach.

We arrived in Venice last Sunday, and along with the cooler than anticipated temperatures, we also seem to have brought along another storm.  Although the storm was brief in our area, it served to stir up the gulf waters, resulting in some reasonably photogenic waves.  I spent much of the day on Caspersen Beach, which is just south of the Venice Pier (and Sharkys!).  This first image was taken before sunrise, just before the rain hit.

The balance of these images were made between about 10am and 1pm after the storm had passed.  There was a very stiff wind and not a cloud in the sky.  In order to shoot at slower shutter speeds under the bright sun, I set the ISO on the D700 to -1.0 (equivalent to ISO 100), shot everything at f/22, and made liberal use of my Singh-Ray Vari-ND (up to 8 stops) and B+W 10 stop neutral density filters. After processing the shots in color, I decided the scenes really needed to be done in black & white. I hope you enjoy them.