A Black and White Frame of Mind

I am heading off to the Smokies on April 20th for five days of shooting with several photo buddies.  As I prepare for this expedition, I am definitely in a black & white  frame of mind.  I just finished reading Ansel Adams’ Autobiography, and I have been going through some of my old photo books, which include a couple of Adams collections. Although I venture into digital black & white imagery on a fairly regular basis, it is mostly as an afterthought.  Adams’ book reminded me just how much I enjoyed the old “wet” darkroom and how much I miss being immersed in black & white image making.  Don’t get me wrong, I love digital photography and working in color, but there a times (and moods) that call for a monochromatic response.  So … as I prepare for a week in the Smokies, I went back into the archives from last year’s trip to rework this image as a black & white.

I like it as a black & white, and hope you do, too.  Now I know I will be looking for scenes that lend themselves to a black & white outcome.  Thanks, Ansel, you have inspired me yet again!

And, thank you for stopping by,.