Back at it again …

It has been a while and I apologize for not posting more frequently.  I have several things working at the present moment and have not been able to give this blog the attention it deserves.  But now … today … I am away from the daily grind and have a couple of days in front of me that will be nothing but shooting. Barb and I are on a two week trip to attend our niece’s wedding on the 8th.  Right now, we are in the Smokies for a couple of days.  We arrived midafternoon, and after getting checked in at the Tally Ho! Inn, we made a run to the Tremont area to take advantage of the late afternoon light.  We drove down to the end of the road, and I ventured down the upstream bank of the Little River where it passes under the footbridge.  Using my new waders, I was able to get right into the river for this shot.

Shooting during the late afternoon at Tremont is a real treat because the sun has pretty gone over the hillside on the south and west, leaving open sky above, and a nice even light below without any hot spots.  I spot metered this scene using my Sekonic 758DR, determining that the water at the convergence of the two flows was the brightest part of the scene.  I then added 2 stops of exposure to place the measured value back toward the high end of my dynamic range, but without blowing out the whites, and I added an additional 1.5 stops to account for the polarizing filter I had on my 16-35mm lens. During a very simple post-process of this image, I did a conversion to black and white to check my tonal range in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, where I was able to confirm that the brightest part of the scene was a Zone IX or below – meaning this will print very well once I get home.  When I was done checking the dynamic range, I simply deleted the black and white conversion layer in Photoshop and the saved the file.

I have another shot from this location, which I will work on later this evening and will hope to post tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for stopping by.