Botany Bay B&W …

I have been back from my southern trip for a week-and-a-half and I am now working my way through the image captures I made in Venice, FL and the Charleston, SC area.  This process has been somewhat slowed as I am trying to learn how to work with and within Adobe Lightroom 5, it being both an editing tool and a digital asset management  environment. I’ll get the hang of it, yet.

The two photographs in today’s post were taken during the late afternoon in the “bone yard” at Botany Bay on Edisto Island, south of Charleston. I had been there with all the photo buddies in the morning to photograph the sunrise and the old trees in the rising tide, but my friend Charles and I decided to make an return trip that afternoon at low tide to see what the photographic possibilities would be. I had an expedition under these conditions on my bucket list for the trip in order to explore among the old tree remnants, with the intention of shooting some images that would go straight into black and white.

We had a bright sun and a clear sky, which is not very interesting for most color work, but it was just perfect for my intentions – a dramatic, cloud filled sky would only have detracted from the stark shapes of the old tree, above.

I also did a couple of attempts at isolating patterns in the wood, itself, and the second image is an example.  Sadly, this was a grab shot as Charles and I were leaving, so I did it handheld rather than with my camera on the tripod. I really, really like the composition, but sadly it is not as sharp in depth as I would like.  It works on the tiny screen, though. I will just have to go back and try again, and plan to spend more time there.

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