Walking With Molly #1

Molly, our border collie, and I go out for walks at least three times a day, the majority of the time traversing the pathways and side trails of the various parks in our community.  While most of these walks are pretty uneventful, every once in a while I will see something along the way that gets me right back out right after our walk, but this time with my camera.  In 2013, it was on one of these walks that I saw a clump of mushrooms that some kids had pulled out of the ground; the photograph that came out of that happenstance can be seen in the post titled Local Fungi. This spring, the lightning struck again a couple of times, and this posting shows the first of three photographs that came out of some of our walks over the last few weeks.

_DSC7524 Gallery

After a weekend of rain, it seems that some of the neighborhood kids were out uprooting growing things again, this time concentrating on clumps of wild onions, pulling the onions up by their distinctive grass tops and then discarding them on the new asphalt surface of the path. Like my experience with the mushrooms, I was fascinated by the complexity of onion bulbs and connections that that had been hidden beneath the surface. As I processed this image, it began to take on an extraterrestrial look because the asphalt walk on which the onion clump rests does not photograph completely black, and its “highlights” took on a specular/astral appearance making the final image look like some kind of space creature.

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