Walking With Molly #2

In this post, I am showing two more images of objects that I spotted while walking with our border collie, Molly.  Like the clump of onions in the previous post, these subjects were found on the asphalt path in the park across the street from our home. The first image shows a cluster of newly emerged leaves that had been blown from their branch by blustery winds during a rainstorm the previous evening.  The leaves were so new when they were blown down that they were virtually transparent.

_DSC7534 Gallery

On this same walk, I spotted a string of pollen buds attached to a bladed top.  I am not very conversant about trees and methods of pollen dispersal, but I imagine this method works much like the rotary wing of a helicopter for dispersal by the wind and air currents. I have spent some time on the web researching this without much luck.  In the end, though, it really doesn’t matter what species of tree this came from or the method of dispersal used, I was simply struck by the sheer beauty of this natural object and wanted to share its elegance with others.

_DSC7532 Gallery

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