Second Beach

Still going through images from my trip to Olympic National Park in 2014.  This time, two sunset photographs taken at Second Beach on the Quileute Indian Reservation just outside of Forks, WA (yes, that Forks). The main point of interest to this beach (as opposed to First Beach to the north or Third Beach to the south) is the “keyhole”, an opening in a rocky protrusion through which the glow of the setting sun can be seen against the silhouette of the land. Under the right atmospheric conditions, I understand this light can display as a distinct beam.

_DSC4404 Gallery

This second shot is a long exposure taken from the rocks just visible below the keyhole in the above photograph. Having injured my right ankle and knee in a fall on some rocks earlier in the day, the rock hopping needed to get out to this location was probably pretty foolish, but at that time, there was a wonderful glow on the moving water that I wanted to capture.  I used a 30 second exposure to smooth out the moving waves, resulting in an almost flat reflective surface.

_DSC4418 Gallery

These two photographs have been displayed with a third image I captured at Ruby Beach the previous evening, that I have previously posted on this site. As a set, they work quite well together.

I will wind up this look back in my next posting which will show a five image photo essay I made from my visit to Rialto Beach my first morning in Olympic NP.

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