The Last Photograph ….

After leaving the Smokies, and a day layover at home, I drove to Milford, PA to hook up with a Joe Brady workshop and spend a weekend photographing the fall colors.  The first day of shooting included George W. Childs Park in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  I was familiar with the area having shot there this past March with Charles Riter and Cal Jackson (click here to see some photographs from that trip).  This photograph was made at one of the small drop-offs Fulmer Falls and Deer Leap Falls – a clutch of leaves had piled up on the brink of the spill and remained there for what seemed like several minutes while I set up my tripod and camera._DSC0928 Gallery

So, why did I title this post as “The last Photograph…”?  Well, for this camera, it pretty much was the last photograph it made.  Several minutes later, and a little upstream from this location, I was shooting at the base of Factory Falls, when I picked up my camera pack without having properly secured the camera compartment:  the camera (my new Nikon D810) with my most used lens (the 24-70mm zoom) attached dropped out of the bag, landed with a sickening, expensive thud on the rocks and then slid into the pool at the base of the falls.  I recovered the memory card with today’s photograph on it, but the camera and lens were complete write-offs.  Fortunately, I have professional  insurance for my equipment, and have been able to replace both the camera body and the lens, but at the time I was looking forward to two more days of shooting without my primary camera and lens, and feeling pretty bummed by my own stupidity.  That is a story for next time.

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Great Smoky Mountains 2015 – Part 3

One of the things I look forward to when I get to the Smoky Mountains is the chance to photograph a sunrise/sunset or two.  You really need some “big” scenery for this type of image, at least “bigger” than the scenery I have close to home.  The first image is a sunset from the parking lot at Clingman’s Dome – the highest point in the park.  We had spent the afternoon at Mingo Falls in the Cherokee Reservation on the NC side, and just made it up to Clingman’s as the sun was setting.  The weather was surprisingly cold with a strong wind chill that put the temperature into the low 30s, so we hung around just long enough to capture the sunset before jumping into to warm cars and heading off for some supper. Nevertheless, a classic Smoky Mountain view.

_DSC0781 Gallery

My last morning on the trip, we headed off to Foothills Parkway outside Townsend, TN in hopes of a decent sunrise. We were fortunate that there was some low lying fog in the valley, because there was very little color in the sky.

_DSC0820 Gallery

My last photograph on this trip as the sun begins to break over the Smoky Mountains.

_DSC0843 Gallery

After a breakfast at Elvira’s Café (highly recommended), I headed back home for a day before driving to Milford, PA to attend a fall color workshop with Joe Brady, leaving the rest of the photo buddies, who spent another four days together in the park.

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Great Smoky Mountains 2015 – Part 2

On my recent trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with the photo buddies, we spent the best part of an afternoon shooting along the banks of the Little Pigeon River in the Greenbrier section north of Gatlinburg.  From a photographic perspective, Greenbrier is noted for its late afternoon reflections in clear weather when the western bank is in shade and the blue of the sky and (possibly) the colors of the changing leaves show up in the water.  Usually in the fall, the river water is fairly low and slow moving, but recent rains had swollen the river and the water was moving pretty swiftly when we were there.  The following images are presented in sequence as we photographed first at the “moonstones” and then a couple of miles upstream.   (If you are interested, this link will take you to a couple of long exposure images I made at Greenbrier in the fall of 2013 when the river was a lot lower.)

_DSC0522 Gallery

_DSC0542 Gallery

_DSC0547 Gallery

_DSC0562 Gallery

_DSC0589 Gallery

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