Old Snow

Old snow – you know, the stuff that is left after the fluffy white flakes have melted.  The stuff that has been piled up by the plows and lasts for weeks after all the other snow is gone.  That stuff.

It has now been several weeks since we on the east coast got hit with what the print and electronic media dubbed “Snowzilla”, and we still have mounds of plowed snow in the neighborhood.  In the past, I have not paid much attention to this stuff, this “old snow”, but on recent walks with Molly around the neighborhood I have been looking at these piles much more closely, and discovering a beauty that I did not know was there.  This post contains three of my initial images documenting this remaining “old snow”._DSC0208 Gallery

Among the strange and ever changing shapes caused by compression and varied melting rates within the snow pile I found this small “snow goose” that was gone a couple of hours later.

_DSC0273 Gallery

Various gaps and arches appear and then collapse, like geology on fast-forward.

_DSC0219 Gallery

I still have some of these old snow” shots in the camera, and I expect to make a couple of more forays around the neighborhood before these piles have disappeared entirely.  Of course, they are calling for more snow on Tuesday ….

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