Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung,

The grass is riz

I wonder where the birdies is? 

I took my camera with me on my morning walk with Molly yesterday.  These blossoms are a common sight for about a week every year, but they caught my eye because of the large knot in the tree trunk.  Molly was very good, sitting quietly without command when I absent-mindedly dropped her leash in order to play photographer.  As per usual for me, this looked better in b&w because of the leading lines of the young branches and the column of blossoms climbing from the lower left to the upper right, hopefully leading your eye through the image._DSC1726 Gallery

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Sitting by the Cement Pond

Having left Venice, FL and started for home, we stopped in at my sister and brother-in-law’s new residence in Apopka before turning north.  We spent part of a very pleasant and peaceful afternoon sitting on their lanai (Florida-speak for a pool and patio inside an alligator cage). I spotted some potted fern shadows next to the pool that looked interesting.  This is the result._DSC1694 Gallery

So, Sue and Bob – if you read this, a thank you print will be on its way in a couple of days.

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Experimental Haystack

I decided to spend Sunday socializing with my spousal unit and our hosts here in Venice, going out for a leisurely breakfast and then for a bike ride instead of heading down to the pier and the beach for solitary photography.  So, then in the afternoon I spent a few minutes working with a couple of images from my sunrise foray to the pier the other day.  Like my last post, I have rendered this image both in color and B&W.  First the color:_DSC1315 Gallery

I think it works in B&W as well given the structure and leading lines of the pier._DSC1315 Gallery B&WThe experimental aspect of this image is the extreme, panorama-style formatting.  Over the last few years I have made several images that wound up being similarly formatted, most of which were actually multi-image, stitched panoramas.  This, however, is a single image that has been cropped.  I went to this extended crop to balance out the negative space on the left and to emphasize the sense of depth on the right.

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