One Sunrise, Two Versions

This morning I went to Caspersen Beach, arriving just at sunrise.  Being on Florida’s gulf coast, sunrise happens behind the beach, so when you look out on to the gulf, you tend to see the faint colors of night disappearing over the horizon.  The vantage point for this photograph was almost due south with the colors of the sunrise on the left and the last of the night on the right.

_DSC1352 Gallery Color

The top photo in this post is my take of the scene in color. I am pleased with it, but it seems so much like the thousands of other sunrise scenes I see on Facebook, so … I decided to rework the scene into a black and white, the results of which are below._DSC1352 Gallery

In color photography, the color, all by itself, can be the subject, whereas in B&W photography it is essential that the scene have some structure to it; leading lines, varying textures, dynamic lighting, etc. I believe this scene has sufficient structure and dynamic range to make a B&W interpretation successful.  At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Which do you prefer?

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Another Haystack

I was at the pier for sunrise, and back there again for sunset.  I took a similar photograph a couple of years ago at sunrise, looking west as the terminator between night and day dropped below the horizon.  That photograph (see it here) has proved to be one of my most popular images.  Today’s sunset was very subdued, so I decided to make something of it through a long exposure, knowing full well that the daylight would be dimming throughout the five minute exposure.

_DSC1319 GalleryAll-in-all, it turned out okay. I opened up the shadow area under the pier during post processing to show more detail than appeared in the image straight out of the camera. Maybe I will reprocess it in the next day or so to saturate the colors in the sky a little more.

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Some time back, my nephew, Garrick, observed that the Venice Pier is my equivalent of Van Gogh’s haystacks. I guess he is right because I always enjoy my annual visit to Venice, FL, and I spend a lot of my time photographing on, around, and under the Venice Pier.

_DSC1307 Gallery

This photograph is from this morning.  I was hoping to catch the burst of golden light that occurs under the pier just as the rising sun clears the palm trees to the east.  There wasn’t much of a light burst this morning, but I did make a long exposure capture (this is two minutes) that caught what color there was.  I am fairly satisfied with the color version of this shot, but I like the B&W image much better.

While shooting this morning, I met another photographer, Steve (from Minnesota), who was shooting the pier with a pin hole camera. I enjoyed the few minutes we spent talking about our individual approaches to photography – he is still film-based, having, from I can determine, a pretty complete wet darkroom at home.  There are times when I do miss the smell of fixer, but that was then ….

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