Some time back, my nephew, Garrick, observed that the Venice Pier is my equivalent of Van Gogh’s haystacks. I guess he is right because I always enjoy my annual visit to Venice, FL, and I spend a lot of my time photographing on, around, and under the Venice Pier.

_DSC1307 Gallery

This photograph is from this morning.  I was hoping to catch the burst of golden light that occurs under the pier just as the rising sun clears the palm trees to the east.  There wasn’t much of a light burst this morning, but I did make a long exposure capture (this is two minutes) that caught what color there was.  I am fairly satisfied with the color version of this shot, but I like the B&W image much better.

While shooting this morning, I met another photographer, Steve (from Minnesota), who was shooting the pier with a pin hole camera. I enjoyed the few minutes we spent talking about our individual approaches to photography – he is still film-based, having, from I can determine, a pretty complete wet darkroom at home.  There are times when I do miss the smell of fixer, but that was then ….

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