A Look Back to Tangier Island

It was late August 2013, on a very hot and humid Saturday, that my friend and former work colleague, Charlie Martinez, invited me for a flight in his Cessna to Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay for a lunch of fresh crab cakes.  Of course, I went.  The crab cakes were excellent, but the photography was very labored.  For a small island, Tangier really requires more than a short fly-in for lunch to capture its spirit and atmosphere.  This image was made from a bridge on the walk back to the airport. I spotted this sunken boat, resting in the mud and partially obscured by the swamp grasses.

_DSC9111 V2 Gallery

When I made the photograph, I immediately envisioned it as a black and white.  My initial interpretation of the image was very dark and I never went any further with preparing it for view.  Three years on, it crossed my mind this morning and I decided to reprocess the image to what you see above.  I am much more pleased with this than its earlier version, and it makes me want to get back to Tangier Island for a couple of days, to have time to explore and come to grips with a small spit of land with a lot of history that may disappear in the not too distant future.

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