A Dull Sunset?

One evening in Venice, FL, Barb and I went with our hosts to the North Jetty for a casual meal of hot dogs and Cuban sandwiches at the food concession.  After our repast, we walked out on the jetty as sunset time approached.  The sky was generally overcast, but I liked how the sunset seemed to be developing, so I retrieved the camera gear from the car and hiked and rock-hopped to the tip of the jetty and spent the next forty minutes or so photographing a pleasant, but not spectacular sunset._DSC1535 Gallery

I was disappointed with my initial review of the images as the muted sunset appeared even more so in the raw images, and it occurred somewhat to the south (left) of my sightline, which itself was constrained by a very unattractive navigation aid between the North and South Jetties.  Three weeks after returning from Florida I thought I should revisit these images.  I decided that a cropping that raised the horizon line, minimizing the uninteresting sky and emphasizing the foreground rocks and mid-scene water, made for an effective composition. With a stronger and more balanced composition, with virtually no vestiges of color, the next and most natural step to me was to convert the image to black and white.  I am pleased with the outcome … I think it works.

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