A Different Take on the Ravenel Bridge

Barb and I just got back from a week of traveling in which we spent some time in both Charleston, SC and on the TN side of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. As opposed to other trips, photography was not the main objective, for at least in Charleston we were to be tourists – although … I did have my camera with me the whole time. The first morning we were there, I took off solo well before dawn to photograph the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge spanning the Cooper River between Mt. Pleasant, SC and Charleston.  Being a cable-stayed bridge, it is architecturally striking.  I have photographed this bridge several times before when I was in Charleston with various photo buddies, but always at dusk and always from down river on the mud flats above Patriot’s Point.  But, I was never satisfied with the results from those shoots – there were always many, many other photographers there taking exactly the same shot.  I wanted to do something a little different._DSC1842 Gallery

Being on my own, I decided to try for a different perspective; sunrise instead of sunset, and from just up river of the bridge at the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park instead of down river on the mudflats.  My thinking was that at sunrise, the twin towers and their cables should momentarily “pop” with color, creating a dramatic image.  Well, I was wrong; the bridge towers and cables didn’t “pop” dramatically, but slowly illuminated with a pinkish glow.  On top of that, sky was an absolutely featureless blue.  The color capture at best was pretty mediocre, but the black and white conversion worked very well.  The structure of the bridge showed to much better effect in black and white, and the flat, blank sky rendered a very satisfactory middle gray,  This photograph should print very well.  And in keeping with my promise to be a tourist, I made it back to the hotel in time for breakfast!

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