Folly Beach Pier

I have been to Folly Beach a couple of times for the obligatory sunrise and sunset shots, but none of my images – at least the ones I have processed  – included the pier.   ( See Channeling John Singer Sargent)  But … I wanted to give it one more try, and, besides, a sunrise over the ocean is always something worth experiencing, whether any photographs get made or not.

_DSC1967 Gallery

Barb came with me and waited patiently as I went through my prolonged process.  I made some initial clicks of the pier as the sky took on its morning colors; made some more clicks of the sunrise with the pier’s supports in silhouette; moved past the pier and made some more clicks of the sunrise, itself, and the ocean.  Then, I found it – a piece of conglomerate had been cast up by the surf and caught my eye.  I moved my tripod close to it and lowered the angle of view to capture both it and the pier. I was enthusiastic about the image the moment I saw it through the viewfinder, and even more enthusiastic when I viewed it on the preview screen.  Finally, it came together pretty well in post processing.  I think I finally have my photograph of the Folly Beach Pier.  To make the morning complete, we immediately headed to the Lost Dog Café for an excellent breakfast!

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