Great (Small) Falls …

Todays photograph comes from C&O Canal National Historic Park, commonly referred to as the Maryland side of Great Falls.  I have come to like this side of the Potomac as it tends to be less visited than Great Falls National Park on the Virginia side, and while it doesn’t have the classic, familiar views of the main falls, it offers close up views of several side channels to the river, which are just as interesting.

_DSC8598_0165 Gallery BW

This image comes from the C&O canal, to the side of Lock 20, just below the old Great Falls Tavern.  I first noticed this small cascade when walking back to the parking lot from a morning of photographing “big” water rushing between rock walls. It turns out that locks need a bypass channel of some sort to empty the lock when lowering a boat and to prevent them from overflowing when water is not actually needed to fill the lock.  This little channel takes overflow water and empties it back into the canal just below the lock, dropping over a small manmade cascade on to some rocks, creating the scene, above. Happily, it was easily and safely approachable on foot by way of a side trail.

I have some more photographs of this area which I will share in future posts.

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Another Photo of the Ravenel Bridge

This post is sort of a follow-up to my post a couple of weeks ago about the Arthur J. Ravenel Bridge in Charleston, SC. The photograph was made from the mud flats down river from the bridge on my first visit to the location.  I had driven up from visiting friends in FL to meet a gaggle of photo buddies for several days of photography, and the first evening in town we headed to the bridge for sunset.

_DSC2075 Gallery

When we arrived, there was still some time before sunset and we found the upper bridge works wreathed in fog. I liked the light and the fog, so I made several images, this being one of them.  For some reason it got overlooked until just now as we were concentrating on sunset and night images of the bridge.  As I have mentioned before, I was not very pleased with those images and over the course of several days of shooting, this and several similar images got lost in the shuffle and ultimately forgotten … until today and another rainy afternoon devoted to going through my photo archives.

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A Bit of Whimsy …

Nearly two years ago, my sister and bro-in-law moved to Florida, and like most Floridians they have a pool in the back of the house.  When we visited them for their first Xmas in the house, I became interested with this little blue ball floating in the pool and the stone spill way between the circular Jacuzzi and the pool proper. It struck me as something of a visual anomaly in terms of color and texture and I slowly began to visualize something faux-Egyptian with an ethereal orb in contact with water and rough stone.

_DSC6443 Gallery

I wanted to make this a long exposure to smooth out the water, but getting the ball to remain in the spill way when the water was flowing proved to be a problem.  I tried wedging it into place at the narrow end of the spill way, but it would rarely remain in place more that a couple of seconds before the force of the water would push it into the pool.  The eventual solution turned out to be the use of a shot glass as a small, virtually invisible pedestal.  It worked, I made several images, and then filed this little “project” away until a couple of days ago.

It has been raining for several days, so I was spending some of my indoor time going through old photographs when I came across the series of the ball in the pool and decided to play around with it. Because the original colors were pretty flat, I converted a tightly cropped capture to black & white, but retained some color in the ball to keep it from disappearing against the stone.  Because of the long exposure, the ball took on a translucence that was not immediately apparent in the RAW image, but which works in this image.

So far, this image has just been a bit of fun, a whimsy, to fill up the damp hours of yet another rainy day, but … the next time we darken my sisters door, I think I will explore the theme some more.

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