A Bit of Whimsy …

Nearly two years ago, my sister and bro-in-law moved to Florida, and like most Floridians they have a pool in the back of the house.  When we visited them for their first Xmas in the house, I became interested with this little blue ball floating in the pool and the stone spill way between the circular Jacuzzi and the pool proper. It struck me as something of a visual anomaly in terms of color and texture and I slowly began to visualize something faux-Egyptian with an ethereal orb in contact with water and rough stone.

_DSC6443 Gallery

I wanted to make this a long exposure to smooth out the water, but getting the ball to remain in the spill way when the water was flowing proved to be a problem.  I tried wedging it into place at the narrow end of the spill way, but it would rarely remain in place more that a couple of seconds before the force of the water would push it into the pool.  The eventual solution turned out to be the use of a shot glass as a small, virtually invisible pedestal.  It worked, I made several images, and then filed this little “project” away until a couple of days ago.

It has been raining for several days, so I was spending some of my indoor time going through old photographs when I came across the series of the ball in the pool and decided to play around with it. Because the original colors were pretty flat, I converted a tightly cropped capture to black & white, but retained some color in the ball to keep it from disappearing against the stone.  Because of the long exposure, the ball took on a translucence that was not immediately apparent in the RAW image, but which works in this image.

So far, this image has just been a bit of fun, a whimsy, to fill up the damp hours of yet another rainy day, but … the next time we darken my sisters door, I think I will explore the theme some more.

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