Great (Small) Falls …

Todays photograph comes from C&O Canal National Historic Park, commonly referred to as the Maryland side of Great Falls.  I have come to like this side of the Potomac as it tends to be less visited than Great Falls National Park on the Virginia side, and while it doesn’t have the classic, familiar views of the main falls, it offers close up views of several side channels to the river, which are just as interesting.

_DSC8598_0165 Gallery BW

This image comes from the C&O canal, to the side of Lock 20, just below the old Great Falls Tavern.  I first noticed this small cascade when walking back to the parking lot from a morning of photographing “big” water rushing between rock walls. It turns out that locks need a bypass channel of some sort to empty the lock when lowering a boat and to prevent them from overflowing when water is not actually needed to fill the lock.  This little channel takes overflow water and empties it back into the canal just below the lock, dropping over a small manmade cascade on to some rocks, creating the scene, above. Happily, it was easily and safely approachable on foot by way of a side trail.

I have some more photographs of this area which I will share in future posts.

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