The Bug Light Series

When Barb and I were on our trip to Maine a couple of weeks ago I posted a couple of images to the site – one of the Bug Light in Portland and the other of the Tarn in Acadia National Park.  We have now been home for a week and I have been processing my images from this trip, and I find that the Bug Light and Tarn images that are posted are really parts of two, three image series.  So, I have decided to present each of these series in their individual totalities, which means the  “lead” images of each series will be posted for a second time. I apologize for the duplication, but the three images work together better than apart.  Today’s posting is of the Bug Light. The original image is posted below.


After spending quite a bit of time working the scene from below the light, I walked up on its deck and was immediately struck by the almost abstract sense of space there.  It is really a very small space, perhaps only four feet wide, but the sense of openness and mystery was quite striking.


One of the most noted characteristics of the Bug Light is the curved stone approach path that is part of the sea wall that demarks the channel boundary.  It is a classic “leading line”, and I almost forgot to take what is an almost obligatory image of this well known light.


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