The Great Meadow

On our first full day in Acadia, Barb and I did some hiking in the Wild Gardens of Acadia and around the Great Meadow along the Jessup Path and a section of the Hemlock Road. It was a warm and cloudless day, great for a walk, but not really the best for photography.  Even so, I was able to capture several images on our hike, two of which are presented here.  Both images were captured along the Hemlock Road, of which the first is actually a scene of the road, itself.


I made several images of this tree as we approached it, but it was not until we moved somewhat past it and the trunk was side lit did the image really begin to work for me: the bright colors of the leaves contrasted with the dark green textures of the grass, linked together by the side lit trunk. Nothing really dramatic, just very peaceful.


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