Acadia Black& White #1

Black & white photography has always been my first love, and no matter where I go (even Acadia at the height of autumn splendor) I look at each photographic opportunity from a black & white perspective first.  And, so it is with today’s image.

_dsc3333-galleryOn our way to Acadia, I had been hoping we would experience some “weather” and not just blank blue skies and warm sunshine. A storm began moving through on our second full day in the park, and I spent much of the time looking for black & white photographic opportunities.  That afternoon, after a late lunch, Barb and I decided to head down to Otter Point as I heard it was a good location to photograph waves.  We were held up on our way to Otter Point for a short time as the scene at the Tarn caught my eye and I had to make a photograph in the rain.  But this delay really had no impact on what I would find at Otter Point – a great vista and superb waves.  I spent about half an hour on the rocks, watching the action of the waves and getting a feel for when the large ones would come crashing in and how the waters would then spill off the rocks.  This particular image turned out the best of the lot from my point of view because it shows the textures of the rocks and of the moving water. In my humble opinion, this scene could only be rendered in black & white.

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