Where’s Winter?

There are less than 10 days left to February, and for all intents and purposes, we have not had winter.  Except for a few really cold days in December (‘teens & wind chill), this has been a pretty normal DC area winter; drab, too warm to do anything wintery and too cold to do anything non-wintery.  We have had three snow falls, with a total accumulation of barely more than a half inch, none of which lasted more than a day.  For a landscape photographer living in a drab area, snow events offer an opportunity to look at things anew and I have tried to take advantage of the meager offerings this winter has given me.

This image was made right after the second snow we had this year.  I was out of the house right at sun up as I wanted to hike some unmaintained trails in the Huntley Meadows wetlands area near my home.  Figuring that since the formal, north entrance to the park did not  open until 8am, and that I was entering from one of the southerly access trails, I hoped I would to get to the park boardwalk before anyone else so I could photograph it extending out into the water with untrammeled snow – kind of a minimalist, “zenny” type of image.  But I was too late.  When I arrived, there were already lots of bird watchers and photographers out and around.  So, instead of photographing the boardwalk, I photographed back into the woods I had just traversed from the boardwalk – today’s image.

_DSC3699 Gallery

As you can see, the snow was light and fluffy, sticking to branches and tree trunks.  Really quite beautiful. But, the weather was mild and within another hour it had all dropped to the ground and melted, by which time I was back home having a cup of tea.

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