The Buck Stopped Here …

The last snow we had was barely a dusting.  It was snowing fairly heavily when I took Molly for her evening walk, so I thought I might head back into Huntley Meadows in the morning, to photograph the boardwalk – hopefully snow-covered and pristine.  Well, there wasn’t much snow to begin with and the wind had blown all night, so that by the time I left the house an hour before sunrise, very little snow was left on the ground or the boardwalk.  To top it off, there were already footprints in the sparse remaining snow! Despite all, I decided to spend some time working the scene, seeing what I could make of it.

I am not quite sure how I feel about this image.  The photographic possibilities of the area and the subject intrigue me, but I think it is going to take many more visits to get something really worthwhile.

You may be wondering about the title of this post.  Just look to the dark spots in the middle section of the boardwalk. As near as I can figure, the deer must have begun using it as part of their trail system to cross the park, and some of the deer did what deer do when they have to.  To paraphrase President Truman, the buck stopped right there.  Nature adapts.

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