It’s All About the Color

I recently returned from a ten day trip to Death Valley where I attended a couple of Visionary Death Valley Workshops with Michael E. Gordon and Guy Tal.  I met Guy several years ago at a NANPA Summit in Jacksonville, FL, and since then I have followed his writings and greatly admired his photographs.  He lives and photographs in the desert in and around Torrey, UT, and one of the things that has fascinated me about his work is the colors in his desert landscapes.

Today’s image was made at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley – one of the most visited tourist sports in the valley.  It was captured after sunrise, but just before the sun cleared the Funeral Mountains to our back, so that the light was very even. I had no illusions about capturing a unique image (one that had not been made several million times before during tourist drive-byes), but I really wasn’t prepared for the colors I would capture at that vantage.

I had been in Death Valley for two days and until this time had not really begun to see the colors before me. But, from then on, I became evermore acutely aware of the profusion of colors to be found in the desert.

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