Marble Canyon

As I have mentioned before, one of the “Aha” moments for me on my trip to Death Valley was the realization of and appreciation for the colors of the desert; colors I didn’t know were there.  That realization was to make itself known again on our excursion to Marble Canyon.

Looking at a map, the route to Marble Canyon is a very short jaunt, starting right across Hwy 190 from the Stovepipe Wells Village parking lot.  In actuality, the route consists of six miles of dusty, but easy, dirt road followed by something like three miles of very slow navigation around rocks and through dry washes to the canyon, itself.

We arrived in the midafternoon with the sun still almost directly overhead illuminating the walls of the canyon.  As the afternoon progressed, and the sun moved toward the west, the westerly walls of the canyon fell into shadow, but were illuminated with a soft, warm glow reflected from the opposite walls.  When I reached the narrowest part of the canyon, everything was deep in shadow except the highest parts of the west facing walls, making for some interesting photography.  By the time I reached the petroglyphs at the end of our planned excursion, the light had almost completely gone, leaving only enough time for a couple of record shots before the walk out in the dark.

The first of today’s images shows the view looking into Marble Canyon from its mouth, while the other images are from the narrows during a period of what can only be described as magic light.

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