Mad Dogs and Englishman …

go out in the noon day sun.  So the saying goes, and self-respecting photographers don’t -: at least that is the common perception.  But … decent photographs can still be made when the sun is high overhead, long after the morning’s blue hour and golden hour.  Case in point, my host Fred and I went to Stump Pass south of Venice, FL today, after lunching at the Gulf Grill on the way. Here is one of the photos from today’s shoot: 

This was shot about one o’clock this afternoon, in bright sun on the beach at Stump Pass.  I spot metered the brightest part of the scene, compensated by adding two stops, initially, to place the highlights back toward the right side of the histogram, and then further compensated by adding another four stops to account for the four stops of ND I programmed into my Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter.  I then set the camera to fire on CL (constant low speed) and fired off a whole bunch of shots over the next several minutes as the water swirled around the old tree trunks.  This is one of the better captures.

Post processing was very straight forward.  I cropped the scene as you see it very early in the process, added Tonal Contrast and image borders from Color Efex Pro, and added a small amount of structure to the clouds and the retreating water in the lower right of the image using control points in Viveza.

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