Winter’s Last Gasp

Late last month, my friend Charles Riter and I drove to Bushkill, PA to attend a black & white photography seminar at the Poconos Environmental Education Center (PEEC).  The seminar was scheduled for Sunday, but Charles and I wanted to make it a long photo weekend, so we drove up to Bushkill on the Friday, right at the leading edge of the last big east coast winter storm.  We got there by early afternoon and immediately set out to get some photography in while it was still snowing. The first two photographs in this gallery were captured  Friday afternoon while the balance were taken Saturday morning and afternoon. To view the gallery in its full size, click on an image; a new page will open and you can navigate using Next and Previous buttons.

The two old, abandoned farms we visited are managed by the National Park Service as part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. These were operating farms until the 1950s and 60s when there was a federal initiative to flood the valley and create a giant reservoir.  By the time the engineering feasibility study showed the area to not be conducive for the intended purpose, most of the farms had been taken over through eminent domain and the people moved off the land, at which time the property was turned over to the NPS.  Sad….

Thanks for stopping by; over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more image series from this past year.