Not Much of a Winter!

It is currently 64 degrees outside and it is still February!  I think we got robbed this winter; only one snow storm of consequence and very little in the way of freezing temperatures.  Frankly, I count on those freezing temps to provide the opportunity to make “frozen abstracts” with ice covering and containing the familiar landscape.  But, you always need to take the opportunities that present themselves in outdoor photography, and this year my opportunities happened in the storm drain behind my house.

We live a couple of hundred yards south of Huntley Meadows Park, a wetlands.  When it fills up, some of the overflow comes past my deck on its way to the Chesapeake Bay. The two photographs in today’s posting were made a couple of days apart.  In the first one, there was a couple of inches of water which had frozen solid during a very short cold snap, followed by a couple of days cold rain.  Although it was warm enough for rain, the ice remained for a while.  In this photograph, water is passing around objects embedded in the underlying ice.

_DSC1062 Gallery

A couple of days later, the water was still flowing while the underlying ice had melted.  In this case, cold overnight temperatures created a thin filigree of ice that remained for a very short time after daylight.

_DSC1079 Gallery

I was hoping for a more iconic winter to photograph, but I suppose this will have to do until next year.

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