Morning Expedition – (Part 1)

This morning we woke up in Orlando at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, and I decided to head out just after dawn for an exploration of the nature trail on the property to try to photograph some wading birds.  It turns out that the trail was closed – they had much of the main path torn up because of some environmental restoration work – but since it was dawn on a Saturday, and I didn’t think there would be too much construction work going on, so I headed  off into the nature area anyway. I only had about 45 minutes to shoot before I needed to head back to the hotel, get a quick breakfast, and then get ready for the wedding (which was the real reason we were there to begin with), but as luck would have it, I spotted this Little Blue Heron about 30 yards from me, and he (she?) spent about 10 minutes grooming and looking for food before flying away.

My sister’s neice Elsa went out about an hour after I did, when the light was much better, and she got some awesome shots of an Ibis and some Sand Hill Cranes,  I am sorry I cannot share any of her shots with you.