Handheld HDR #2

The following shot is another 5-shot handheld HDR.  It is a shot of the Victoria Tower at the south-west corner of the Palace of West Minster, with the Buxton Memorial Fountain in the foreground. The Buxton Memorial commemorates the members of parliament and the public who were instrumental in the abolition of slavery in the British Empire in 1834.

This was a free-standing handheld HDR, and to accomplish it, I had to go back to a technique I learned years ago when undergoing weapons training in the Army.  Back then, we were instructed to create a “spot weld” to our weapon by pressing our right thumb against our cheek bone while bringing the weapon to our shoulder and the site to our eye.  This time, I used my thumb to “hang” the camera from the boney protusion of my skull over my right eye.  This steadied the camera enough as I applied steady pressure to the shutter button through the 5 shot burst.  In post, I processed the HDR to be as realistic as possible, but I had to add a little contrast, saturation and structure as the HDR process flattened the scene somewhat.

I hope you enjoy it.